On this page you can check what items you will find in the new Zephyr Crate. This is Crate added on July 30 and this crate contains a lot of new Rocket League Items.

Zephyr Crate includes:
Mechaceph Decal Octane ZSR Rare
Chantico Decal Octane Rare
Astaroth Decal Breakout    Rare
Starlighter Decal J├Ąger 619 RS    Rare
Dot Matrix Decal Dominus Very Rare
Royal Tyrant
Mrs Avocado Player Banner Very Rare
Thread-X2 Wheels Very Rare
Binary Trail Very Rare
Libertine Wheels Import
Cyclone Body Import
Virtual Wave Rocket Boost Import
Dynamo Wheels Exotic
Reactor Wheels Exotic
Toon    Goal Explosion Black Market
Royal Tyrant
Singularity Goal Explosion Black Market
Fire God Decal (Animated) Black Market
Mainframe Decal (Animated) Black Market

If you care about buying a new Zephyr Crate, we think it's a good idea. Most Rocket League gamers and players love to buy Rocket League items, because it gives them a lot of satisfaction and is a symbol of success in life. It's best to buy Rocket League items and perform amazing and crazy acrobatics playing in RL :-)
Rocket League is my fuel.
Zephyr Crate contains valuable items such as Dynamo Wheels, Toon Goal Explosion and a beautiful and very valuable Fire God Black Market Decal.
Look at all these Rocket League items and decide which item you like best, which item you would like to buy, and whether the new Zephyr Crate is your favorite Rocket League Crate. If you decide to buy crates and items, just let us know. I greet you warmly.
You can contact us via Chat in Rocket League, by PM and by mail. Thanks to this you can buy Zephyr Crate and be a happy owner of Rocket League items - check it!

Reactor Exotic Wheels



Dynamo Exotic Wheels



Libertine Import Wheels



Thread-x2 Very Rare Wheels



Cyclone Import Body



Singularity Black Market
Goal Explosion



Toon Black Market
Goal Explosion



Binary Very Rare
Rocket Trail



Virtual Wave
Import Rocket Boost



Black Market Decal



Fire God
Black Market Decal



Mrs. Avocado
Very Rare Player Banner



Starlighter Jager619 RS
Rare Decal



Mechaceph Octane
ZSR Rare Decal



Dot Matrix Dominus

Very Rare Black Market Decal



Chantico Octane

Rare Decal



Astaroth Breakout rare decal


Added in July 2018 . It contains valuable new Cyclone Body, new Reactor Exotic Wheels Singularity Goal Explosion, Fire God and new Mainframe Black Market Decals.