Exotic Wheels



Balla Carra
Exotic Wheels



Very rare Wheels



Import Body



Black Market Goal Explosion



Tsunami Beam
Black Market Rocket Boost



Very rare Trail



XVIII - Marauder
Rare Decal



Black Market Decal



Toon Sketch
Import Rocket Boost



Storm Watch
Black Market Decal



Ripped Comic - Octane
Very rare Decal



Mosher - Imperator DT5
Rare Decal



Mister Monsoon - J├Ąger 619 RS
Rare Fecal



Funny Book - Dominus
Rare Decal



Black Market Decal



Athena - Merc
Rare Decal



Added in February 2018, Triump Crate is the newest Rocket League Crate. It contains the most expensive Black Market Decals (Dissolver) and also the direct  successor to the Zomba Wheels - Hypnotik. Currently one of the most sought-after Wheels in RL



Top 3 most valuable items in Victory Crate

 TW Infinium 32 Keys      Chameleon 23 Keys         Trigon  21 Keys







Below you will find a description of all items found in one of the newer crates, Victory Crate.
Victory Crate contains 3 Black Market Decals, but is mainly known from Infinium Wheels. If you would like to buy Infinium Exotic Wheels, you can buy them here. In which Crate to find Infinium Wheels? At Victory Crate.
Contrary to appearances, these are very cheap items

I have a question for how much can I sell Import body?
Are Import rocket boosts worth something?
Where could I buy Exotic Wheels cheap? Maybe Zomba Titanium White.
Because I am a professional, it is my hobby and I would like to buy Black Market decals
An interesting item, one of the few Rocket League items, or Black Market goal explosion. I will be happy to buy it


Vicotry Crate includes items such as Werewolf body, like any item for Rocket League you can buy and sell it.
Interesting, but very cheap Exotic wheels - Balla Carra
and one of the nicest in the whole Infinium Wheels game, their price is different in Rocket League on Steam, others in Rocket League on Xbox, different in Rocket League on PS4 and other Rocket League on Switch.
However, on each of these platforms you can buy your crate and your best items. Yes, you heard it.
Let's also remember about decals, especially Black Market Decals
At Victory Crate, these are:
Storm Watch - Chameleon - Trigon
They are 3 Black Marker Decals.
Buying crates is quite an interesting thing, there are people who show and stream opening Crates. Most visitors to Rocket League stream have those who have valuable items.

Victory tastes good in the future, but victory must be able to taste. You can be a drunk victory, or eat victory with small spoons. At present, Victory Crate is identical with the victory in the Rocket League - because it will get Victory Crate for the game, it's something that will improve the mood of everyone, regardless of race, religion or economic status.
Thanks to Victory Crate, you can fulfill your dreams, discover new items, meet new people.
In Victory Crate you will find interesting items, some have illustrations as above described Trigon Black Market Decal and Chameleon Black Market Decal.
It is worth mentioning that both of the above-mentioned Black market Decals are part of the Most Expensive Rocket League Items, and certainly in the Most Expensive Black Market Decals subcategory.
Currently, I deal with clients, sometimes I sell items such as Chameleon or Exotic Wheels.
What item do I mean when I talk about Rocket League Exotic Wheels that we can find at Victory Crate?
Of course they talk about Infinium Exotic Wheels :-)
Maybe one day you will buy Infinium Wheels and other items on Odealo?
I wish you good health :-)