Top 3 most valuable items in Velocity Crate

Dueling Dragons 27 Keys   Poly Pop 11 Keys           TW Equalizer 10 Keys




On this page about Velocity Crate, you'll learn everything about the contents of the above-mentioned Rocket League Crate.
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Velocity crate includes:
Rare decals
Very Rare wheels
Cheap Crates
Very Rare paint finish.
Very Rare trails rocket league items
What can I find in Velocity Crate?
Very Rare decal
Import body
Import wheels what price?
Import rocket boost painted.
Where can I buy Exotic wheels.
Content Velocity Crate
What price Black Market goal explosions

Price Equalizer Wheels?
Sell ​​Hikari P5 Exotic Wheels
Where can I buy Fractal Fire import. Rocket Boost.
Imperator DT5 Body price.
The most valuable, cheap and very desirable by the Rocket League players Dueling Dragons Black Market Goal Explosion.
Very happy, liked by RL players, what is the price for Party Time?
Sub-Zero Black market Goal Explosion where cheap buy?

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We greet you very much and hope that you read our website, we are happy to share.


Dueling Dragons
Black Market Goal Explosion



Party Time
Black Market Goal Explosion



Poly Pop
Black Market Goal Explosion



Very rare Trail



Exotic Wheels



Very rare Wheels



Hikari P5
Exotic Wheels



Import Wheels



Sub Zero
Black Market Goal Explosion



Snakeskin - Mantis
Very rare Decal



Smore'd - Breakout Type-S
Rare Decal



Slimline - Octane
Rare Decal



Odd Fish - Animus GP
Rare Decal



Mummified - Endo
Rare Decal



Imperator DT5
Import Body



Fractal Fire
Import Rocket Boost



Very rare Paint Finish



Added in December 2017 . It contains valuable Dueling Dragons and Polly Pop Goal Explosions and very nice Equalizer Wheels