Top 3 most valuable items in Triumph Crate

 Dissolver 59 Keys      TW Hypnotik 23 Keys         Storm Watch 12 Keys







Triumph Crate is the newest and very, very popular Crate. Although not all players were delighted with the content and what items can be drawn. The most awaited item was Samurai Body and EKG-OMG Trail. There is not a lot of items, however, players have accepted this crate and often buy Triumph Crate, in order to get new Rocket League Items, it's part of the fun.


Triumph Crate includes Black Market Decals [including the new Dissolver]]
I will buy Very Rare Trail and other items for RL, I can get for free Import Rocket Boost.
Triumph Crate also includes Import Body (new Samurai)
Where can I buy Exotic Wheels online cheaply?
Will you sell Black Market Goal Explosions?


It is famous for such Rocket League Items as Atomizes Black Market Goal Explosion, in a word, buy it, buy Atomizer Black market. Buy Rocket League items Reevrb Exotic Wheels and let other players admire how rich you have body, wheels and Goal Explosions. Admit it's interesting items in Triumph Crates. You can buy Triumph Crates. 


I must admit that Triumph Crate is my personal favorite crate - out of all available Crates. I'm talking about available crates, because Crates like Champions Crate 4 and Players Choice Crate are retired - and they are my favorite crates from all Rocket League Crates.

I remember when Triumph Crate appeared, its price at some point reached the cosmic value of three keys.
The Rocket League key is worth about $ 1, but now Triumph Crate is much cheaper. What can I say about the Rocket League items found on Triumph Crate? It would be best to know what items crate contains - and these are really very unique Rocket League items. Of course, some of them like Dissolver are the Expensive Rocket League items, and the other Exotic Hypnotik Wheels are the Expensive Rocket League Wheels. Added to this is Stormwatch, a very nice Decal and Samurai Body - Long before adding Triump Crate, I have not seen any other body in new crates.
Now you can choose which Rocket League items you want to buy.


XVI - J├Ąger 619RS

Rare Decal



Rose King - Animus GP

Rare Decal



Royal Tyrant - Octane

Rare Decal



NNTR - Dominus GT

Rare Decal



Machina - Centio V17

Rare Decal


Dot Rush - Octane ZSR

Very Rare Decal




Import Body



BM Goal Explosion




Import Goal Explosion



Storm Watch

Black Market Decal




Black Market Decal




Very Rare Trail




Import Rocket Boost




Very Rare Wheels




Import Wheels




Exotic Wheels




Exotic Wheels




Added in April 2018, Triumph Crate is the newest Rocket League Crate. It contains the most expensive Black Market Decals (Dissolver) and also the direct  successor to the Zomba Wheels - Hypnotik. Currently one of the most sought-after Wheels in RL