Exotic Wheels



Lustrum x10
Import Wheels


Very Rare Wheels



Black Market Goal Explosion



Hip-Hop Jager 619 RS
Rare Decal



Pollinator Centio v17
Rare Decal



 Callous Bros Dominus GT
Rare Decal



Egged Breakout
Rare Decal



Springtime Flowers
Very Rare Rocket Boost



Geo Soul
Import Rocket Boost



Doughtnut Eater
Very Rare Player Banner



Exotic Goal Explosion



Added in March 2018. Spring Fever Crate was added to celebrate the beginning of spring. It contains Illuminata Exotic Rocket Wheels and Sprigntime Flowers Goal Explosion and other items.

Spring Fever is not one of the most popular Crates in the Rocket League, it is a special Event Crate, but unlike Haunted Hallow Crate and Beach Blast Crate - Spring Fever Crate does not contain too many impressive items.
This crate can be bought from Psyonix for real money, in my opinion it is a very good solution - because crates such as Champions Crate are more desirable (due to Black Market Decals and Exotic Wheels like White Zomba.
If you want to buy Spring Fever Crate and draw Rocket League items, then I encourage you.

for 20 keys, where everyone is worth the money - you would have to play over 72 hours to get the same items and Crates. Spring Fever Crate is the least popular crate, it was added as Event Crate and it is not added even as a bonus during the transaction. People do not lose keys to open Spring Fever Crate, because it is not worth much, and all items inside are very cheap (cheaper than Rocket League key). What more can you write about Spring Fever Crate? It's green, probably not the only Crate, because it's possible that other crates are greener. My advice? If you have to buy Rocket League items then in better with other crates than with Spring Fever Crate.

Below the list of items you will not find even three most valuable and expensive items, because there are no expensive items in Spring Fever Crate, all are very cheap.
I really recommend that you buy items with a sincere heart, but with all Crates available on deitems - Spring Fever is the cheapest.