One most valuable item in Secret Santa Crate

 Wonderment 27 Keys







Secret Santa Crate
One of the two not forming Crates next to the haunted Hallows Crate, which was added occasionally.
Secret Santa Crate has been added to the Rocket League to celebrate Christmas. This is Crate that you can buy for real money, However, there are more popular crates that contain more interesting and very valuable and rare items.
It is famous for such RL items as Peppermint Wheels and Wonderment Wheels, these are the most popular and most valuable cheap Rocket League items we can find in Secret Santa Crate

Secret Santa Crate contains
Top Rare decals
Mostly purchased very Rare trail
Most professional players, however, measure higher and since Very Rare wheels prefer exotic wheels.
The same applies to Boost, the best players choose Very Rare rocket boost.
Of all crates, the least seems to be Very Rare player banners
Import rocket boost
1 Import wheels
There is only one Import goal explosion inside, but it's still a very good item.
Exotic wheels is Item that is worth buying, it is worth checking what wheels it is.

In the middle you will find very nice and quite original Wheels. This item evidently refers to Christmas lollipops. Its price is low because you do not need to get it. Secret Santa Crate and other Rocket League Crates you can buy for RMT, it's like you are buying Rocket Leauge items that are cheap.

Are there any more people here who believe in Santa Claus? This Crate is supposed to be proof of its existence. I myself remember from the childhood of Santa's visit, as an opportunity to receive the highest quality gifts, I can get only the cheapest Rocket League items in Secret Santa Crate - which I will not even exchange for one full RL Key.
When I was a kid, there were no computers, no consoles, no even a Play Station - not to mention such a great game as the Rocket League. Therefore, at that time I could not ask Santa Claus for Decals or Wheels for the Rocket League - because Rocket League did not exist, Santa could not buy Rocket League items - but now both the technological and economic situation has gone very far so that I can buy Rocket League items and Rocket League crates at any time of the day. However, Haunted Hallow Crate is a much nicer and more interesting crate event, but I still like Rocket League Crates.

Christmas Wreath
Import Wheels



Very rare Wheels



Exotic Wheels



Happy Holidays
Import Goal Explosion



Very rare Rocket Boost



Winter Storm
Import Rocket Boost



Candy Cane
Very rare Trail



Winter's Warmth
Very rare Player Banner



Rad Reindeer - Breakout
Rare Decal



Holiday Deco - Dominus
Rare Decal



Cold Front - Mantis
Rare Decal



Christmas Tree - Octane
Rare Decal



Crate was added in December 2017 to celebrate Christmas. It contains Wonderment Exotic Wheels and very rare Peppermint Wheels.