Each Crate has the same drop rates, so your chance of receiving individual types of items is:


  • Black Market Items - 1%


    Exotic Items - 4%


    Import Items - 12%


    Very Rare Items - 28%

  • Rare Items - 55%


Certified and Painted:


  • Chance of receiving Certified attribute - 25%


  • Chance of receiving Painted attribute - 25%







Every Rocket League Crate has the same percentage chances, the same for newly added as well as for retired crates - such as Champions Crate and Player's Choice Crate.

What are your chances to draw valuable items in Rocket League?
-Typically, valuable items are Black Market and Exotic items, which means you have about 5% chance to draw an expensive item from the crate. We are very interested in what is the chance to draw a Titanium White color? What is the chance to receive TW Apex? (Titanium White) or Titanium White Draco Wheels? There is a good chance that Psyonix will answer this question soon.

Such accurate about droop rates are a surprise for Rocket League players, thanks to their accuracy we can more easily calculate whether to sell a crate, or try to draw a valuable Rocket League item.

What is the chance to receive Rocket League items? What are the chances to get Heatwave?
What is the chance to get Endo?
What is the chance to receive Fire God?
What is the chance of receiving Streamline?
What is the chance to draw Dissolver?

We already know what are the chances to draw and get Rocket League items