Top 3 most valuable items in Turbo Crate

TW Zomba 109 Keys       TW Draco 32 Keys       Heatwave 18 Keys



This time we will talk about one of the rare and more valuable Crates. Namely, Player's Choice Crate, or more precisely Player's Choice Crate 1. Although there are no other boxes of this type, as in the case of Champions Crates - Crate this has received his number. In this tab you can view the PCC (Player's Choice Crate) gallery and take a look at the objects presented here. Maybe thanks to our free help you can make the right decision when buying crates and Rocket League items.
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PCC is one of the most-bought Crates because it contains a lot of valuable and rare items. Player's Choice Crate is a rare mailbox. It contains such treasures as Draco Wheels, Zomba Wheels (including the Titanium White version) and many Black Market Decals. The most popular of them, which of course you can buy it
Heatwave (price for)
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Because Player's Choice Crate contains such valuable cheap Rocket League Items, you can buy this Crate. Because every self-respecting Rocket League player dreams about getting TW Zomba Wheels. If it's your dream too, I will be happy to help you. Thanks to this you can buy your beloved Rocket League items.

Players Choice Crate is Retired - it means that you can not draw it and get it by playing Rocket League, PCC (Player's Choice Crate) is a legend Crate, I still remember when Player's Choice Crate was added and how many valuable items you could find in one crate. Although PCC is retired, there are still items in it that belong to the group of Most Expensive Items - I can give you some examples and if you've ever played and traded in Rocket League - you'll know what I'm talking about.
At Players Choice Crate you will find:
Titanium White Zomba Exotic Wheels!
Titanium White Draco Exotic Wheels!
Two of the most expensive Rocket League Wheels in one Players Choice Crate. However, this is not the end of attractions, among those Rocket League items we will also find the icing on the cake, because for dessert we got Heatwave Black Market Decal. Until recently, it was the most popular Black Market Decal in the history of Rocket Leauge. Currently, the only way to become a Player's Choice Crate owner is to buy Players Choice Crate from other players, including merchants.
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Exotic Wheels



lustrum x10






jager 619 rs hiphop


breakout egged


centio v17 pollinator


dominus gt callous bros


springtime flowers




geo soul


doughtnut eater


Added in February 2017, Player's Choice Crate was updated in November 2017. This is one of the most expensive crates, contains Zomba and Draco Wheels and 20XX, Hexed, Spectre and Heatwave Black Market Decals