What bugs has been fixed?


- Fixed a rare problem with rocket boosts animation
- Fixed Alpha bonus increase is different than before adding tournaments.
- The connection quality indicators for offline games have been removed
- Many types of wheels, which previously seemed smaller than others, will look normal, unlike before adding tournaments.
- Fixed the bug in the client of the game, which made that even on the 60 fps settings the game worked in 30 fps mode.
- (On Steam) HTML tags removed from player nicks.


Changes in Scoreboard


The correct avatars are displayed. 
Sometimes when during the match the player joined the game or when the player was replaced by AI - Avatars did not change correctly.


What has changed in trade?


- Fixed players being unable to remove items from a full Trade Window.
- Fixed trades failing if they contained Painted or Certified items currently equipped in a Preset.
- Common Items will no longer be displayed in the garage as Untradeable or Trade Held.


What has changed in Audio?


- The player will hear the fall / landing of other vehicles from a greater distance.
- The overall audio mix has been balanced thanks to the feedbacks of our players.


What has changed in controller vibrations?


- The intensity of the Heavy and Medium settings has been raised.
- Removed vibration from wireless controllers on Xbox during boost. If Xbox players want to vibrate during boost, they should set the vibrations to "heavy".


What changed in Network Settings


- Server Send Rate, Client Send Rate, and Bandwidth Limit now all default to “High”

Nintendo Switch

- A memory leak that could have caused a Nintendo Switch failure has been fixed


Psyonix is aware of many other bugs that they promised to fix:


Season 3 'Star' Reward Wheels may not have glow effect
PS4: Changing Wheels on a Preset may set the Preset back to default with Octane body
The above bug should be fixed by rebooting Rocket League or your PS4.