Top 3 most valuable items in Turbo Crate

Electroshock 10 Keys       Hellfire 9 Keys           Sub-Zero 7 Keys




On this subpage about Overdrive Crate you will get to know all the Rocket League items found in this Crate. Thanks to this, it will be easier to decide which Item to buy.

Overdrive Crate contains:
Rare paint finishes
how much for Rare decals
Very Rare trails for sell
Buy Very Rare wheel
Rarity of Import bodies
What is price for Import rocket boost OC.
what Exotic wheels can I find in Overdrive Crate.
Overdrive Crate Black Market goal explosions

decals for Animus GP? 
Centio V17 buy
Turbine Wheels Rocket League
FGSP Wheels price
Hellfire Goals Explosions
Decals like Funnybook, Lone Wolf, Spatter and other Rocket League items for trade.

One of the most interesting Rocket League crates when it comes to the name (Overdrive) and items, very interesting and in my opinion the nicest Goal Explosion that I saw is Hellfire. Electroshock, however, has a higher price, but it is a phenomenon that I can not understand, which is why I am forced to discuss with you about the contents and valuable Rocket League items that we can find in Overdrive Crate. Overdrive is famous for its high quality of good quality Goal Explosions, also Black Market Goal Explosions. So if you want to make use of what has recently been transferred to others - buy Rocket League items.
Overdrive is a valuable crate, you can buy it cheaply and get valuable rocket league items - however, it is better to buy items

Added in July 2017, Crate was added to the second anniversary of Champions Field. Overdrive Crate is mainly known to contain valuable Goal Explosions such as Electroshock, Fireworks, Hellfire and Sub-Zero

Exotic Wheels



Very rare Wheels



Exotic Wheels



Centio V17
Import Body



Animus GP
Import Body



Black Marker Goal Explosion



Black Marker Goal Explosion



Black Marker Goal Explosion




Black Marker Goal Explosion



Very rare Trail



Very rare Trail


Very rare Trail



Magic Missile
Import Rocket Boost




Glossy Block
Rare Paint Finish



Circuit Board
Rare Paint Finish



Spatter - Endo
Rare Decal



Lone Wolf - Octane
Rare Decal



Funny Book - Octane ZSR
Rare Decal