Top 3 most valuable items in Nitro Crate

 TW Draco 32 Keys        Bubbly 22 Keys             Spectre 16 Keys




Nitro Crate contains some of the brightest Exotic Wheels in the entire Rocket League. These are Draco Wheels, which cost the most in the Titanium White version. These are very rare Exotic Wheels.
In Nitro Crate you can also find some less popular K2 Wheels.
Nitro Crate is also known for valuable and unique Rocket League items such as Bubbly decal and Specter Decal.
Both Bubbly and Specter are valued by Rocket League players, they are very nice. If you would like to buy these items one day, this is a rather good choice.

What does Rare decals mean?
How much are Very Rare Decals worth?
Where can I sell Very Rare wheel?
Are Import wheels to Rocket League rare?
What do you know the best stores to buy items?
For how much can I sell Exotic wheels?
I drew Very Rare rocket boost form my Nitro Crate.
I can buy Import rocket boost

Nitro Crate also contains Body Mantus, Neo-Thermanl Rocket Boost and another popular Boost - Hexphase.
However, he is known mainly for his Rocket League Wheels and Black Market decals, or the most visible items in RL.

A lot of players consider Nitro Crate to be their favorite, because the proportion of respect for finding items, their price, and the probability of finding crate is the best in Nitro Crate. It is a very good crate, it is worth to buy it, it increases the chances of drawing a very good item to the Rocekt League.
Nitro Crate which is still popular, valued, often bought and having a good share in the general trade trends in Rocket League.

I bought Nitro Crate yesterday and was very pleased with the Rocket League items I found in it, although it would be cheaper and more optimally to buy Rocket League items. Nitro Crate contains the most expensive Rocket League wheels (one of the Expensive Rocket League items) or Titanium White Draco Wheels. However, Exotic Wheels is not everything we can find in the purchased Nitro Crate. We also find Black Market Decals such as Specter Black Market Decal and Specter Black Market Decal. I do not know if I wrote anything about them in Rocket League News, but we have a section like Rocket League news. Thanks to the price index, check the price of Rocket League items if you want to buy items on a beautiful day.

Exotic Wheels



Exotic Wheels



Very rare Wheels



Black Market Decal



Black Market Decal



Black Market Decal


Black Market Decal



Snakeskin - Octane
Very rare Decal



Import Body



Import Paint Finish



Very rare Rocket Boost



Import Rocket Boost



Vector - Breakout
Very rare Decal



Suji - Dominus
Rare Decal



Kawaii - Masamune
Rare Decal



Heiwa - Breakout
Rare Decal



Griffon - Octane
Rare Decal



Aqueous - Takumi
Rare Decal



Added in May 2017, Player's Choice Crate was updated in November 2017. It conains 20XX, Biomass and Hexed Black Market Decals