Changes in experience and levels.

Exp requirements are changed to gain individual levels, differences between levels will be flattened - however, each subsequent level will require more time and experience. The names of the titles that are earned along with the level are also changed. Titles like Legend and Rocketeer stay like they were. New titles will be added for players above 100 level. Experience points can be gained only by playing Online games, not as before (you could get exp for offline matches). New bonuses (ie additional XP) will be added: 1) Backfill - If you join an ongoing match, then finish it. 2) Consecutive - Bonus for playing with the same people in the Casual lobby. 3) Match Completion - if your opponents escape from the match. 4) Weekly Wins - The number of games you need to win during the week has not yet been set. Honestly, these bonuses and achievements are not impressive.



My current level and a new progression system.


The logic of progression and conversion of current levels to the new system is still being refined. Your previous experience will be calculated according to the new system. Probably already at the end of this summer. Players who have been stuck on level 75 for a long time will get a higher level after progression than players who have reached level 75 recently.

Awards for each level - Rocket League items and crates

For each level you will get a random Uncommon (or better) item, these items will be tradable.

The system as you earn Rocket League Crates, does not change, changes only apply to Rocket League items. We get Crates in the same way as before.

Changes to items.

Until now, you've got one common item - for every match you played - until you've got all the common items.
After changing, if you get a sufficiently high level, at the same time you will get all the common items from one type.

Players who have already captured their items in the Rocket League will still keep them.