Most expensive Rocket League items


Titanium White Zomba
104 Keys

Titanium White Apex
73 Keys

Titanium White Draco
36 Keys



42 Keys

Fire God
19 Keys

17 Keys


Titanium White Octane
99 Keys

Titanium White Jager 619 RS
11 Keys

Titanium White Endo
11 Keys


Dueling Dragons
22 Keys

Poly Pop
7 Keys


7 Keys





EQ - 2 Keys

On this subpage you will find the most interesting items that are the most valued by Rocket League players. However, you must remember that there are many more items, so you can create your battle car as you dream about. Therefore, if you want to learn about other items, please visit our homepage. The site works by selecting your crate and seeing its content. The prices of individual items in the Rocket League are changing. Therefore, if you want to buy an item, you should be guided by your sense of aesthetics. Good advice is also the use of trusted suppliers. This is a matter of security.
On our site you will find information about Champions Crate 4, Champions Crate 2, Player's Choice Crate, Champions Crate 3, Champions Crate 1, Nitro Crate, Turbo Crate, Accelerator Crate, Spring feat Crate, Haunted Hallow Crate, Impact Crate, Triumph Crate, Victory Crate, Overdrive Crate and Velocity Crate. is a source of knowledge about new items and crates that are added to the Rocket League game. As long as the Rocket League lives and is developed, Deitems will provide you with good content related to Rocket League Items.
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You probably came here because you were looking for Most Expensive Rocket League items. You've come to the right place and on our website you will find out what Rocket League items are worth buying. Players who have been playing for less than three months do not have enough experience to assess the price of the items themselves. A community that always helps if you want to gain knowledge comes with help. The price list also works well, thanks to which you will know at what price to buy Rocket League items. It is better to buy cheap items than to pay more keys and buy an expensive item.
Among the wheels we find Titanium White Zomba, it is still the most popular and rarest Rocket League Exotic Wheels. This is a kind of rarity among items in the Rocket League.
Some players devote hours to get the right crate and get the item, but a better way and cheaper is to buy a Rocket League item - It will save your time, you will be in a better mood and you will get exactly the items you need.

We sincerely hope that our list of most expensive Rocket League items will help you and thanks to her you will find your items. We are always happy to advise other players, from players to players.
If you need advice or pricing, please contact us and we will help you buy Rocket League items.


Since the dawn of time humanity has been looking for a way to be lucky, some people nowadays experience it thanks to Xbox (Heatwave Xbox), and others prefer to trade in Rocket League on Steam - however the most popular platform is Playstation 4 (PS4) - which can boast the most players.
We as an information service respect equal rights and we are LGBT friendly. We value the principles of democracy and free trade, especially trade in the Rocket League. It's very interesting what the Most Expensive Rocket League items list contains and there are Titanium White Zomba Wheels.
You can buy TW Zomba and you can buy the remaining Rocket League items - you will be satisfied


The most expensive Rocket League items list has been updated, here you will find current prices of the most popular and most valuable Rocket League Wheels, Black market decals, Rocket League Crates and Rocket League items. Thanks to the knowledge gained, you will be able to better price and buy items from other players or the Rocket League Shop with better benefits.

Cyclone body, Hellfire Goal Explosion and Poly Pop Goal Explosion added. The website and Price Index have been updated today. We encourage you to buy rocket league items, we help you find the best items and crates prices in Rocket League
I will definitely continue to think about the benefits I can derive from the exchange in the Rocket League exchange window. The whole game is rather Esport and an arcade game in which the skills of the game, acrobatics and cooperation with the rest of the team decide who will win in the match. Also created are leagues and tournaments in which players compete with each other - of course, in each Rocket League tournament there are prizes in the form of Rocket League items, the same you can buy. So let's look at the most expensive Rocket League items, top 10 most expensive Rocket League items and think about whether to buy crates or buy Rocket League items
Each of us must make a sovereign decision on what to spend their money, buying cosmetic items such as decals or exotic wheels is not a duty but a nice addition to the game, which allows game developers (Psyonix) additional funds to develop E-Sport which is Rocket League.
I cordially invite you to check out the most expensive Rocket League Wheels and Most Expensive Black Market Decals - This is all information about Rocket League items.
According to the latest research conducted by American and Dutch scientists from universities found that buying Rocket League Items has a positive effect on health, improves blood pressure, narrows the relationship, increases the amount of endorphins in blood and makes your vehicle look amazing with the new Rocket League Wheels.
If today we had to state the price of each item, it would probably be possible due to the deitems price index and graphics of each item. Those willing to buy Rocket League items will soon be able to use the services of the Odealo platform, which is used for secure trade between players. It is worth noting how often we add new content, and at Deitems you can find new crates and illustrations much earlier than a similar article you can find on the Rocket League Wiki.
In cooperation that is created between players, when their game looks good and look - you can be a big success and make a closer acquaintance, which in a straight way and inexorably leads to Rocket League Trading. If today, each player decided to sell their Black Market Decals or even Titanium White Zomba Wheels - then their price on the price index would drop and was very low, because willing to sell Zombas would be more than willing to buy these wonderful Exotic Wheels.
In the Most Expensive Rocket League items section you will find a lot of valuable information, name and description of the item along with the current price expressed in the keys. Thanks to Odealo, you can safely buy all Rocket League items that have been liked by you for centuries. Legendary Draco Wheels, Infinium, Fire God Decal, Heatwave and many other valuable Rocket League items can be purchased at Odealo.
There are different types of players, the basic division into players is the division according to the platform on which they play. The popularity of the game on a given platform obviously influences the prices of items, that's why the most expensive items will be bought at Switch and Xbox, at more normal prices we buy Rocket League items on PC (Rocket League Steam), and the cheapest Rocket League items will be bought on PS4 and PS3 - because it's on those platforms are the most active Rocket League players.
All my friends who play in Rocket League like to get new Crates like Zephyr Crate or Player's Choice Crate and draw lots of items. The more valuable, the better the fun. The security of transactions in Rocket League is a priority thanks to which we can safely and safely play and play our favorite games on our platforms. You can look at the most expensive Rocket League items list, compare prices and then buy Rocket League items - the ones you choose.
Most Expensive Items such as TW Zomba Wheels (Titanium White Zomba Wheels), Titanium White Draco Wheels, Titanium White Infinium Wheels or the popular, beautiful and underestimating Titanium White Apex Wheels. The Expensive Rocket League items are also worth mentioning Titanium White Octane, Titanium White Endo, Titanium White Cyclone - because they are a beautiful body and some of the most popular items in the Rocket League. The current price is given in Rocket League Keys and will help you choose the right crate and item that will help you buy Rocket League Items.
Thank you for the trust you give us and remember our motto: BUY ROCKET LEAGUE ITEMS.

This needs to be changed and changes will continue on deitems. The most important thing is to buy Rocket League items and be calm about what will happen to our relatives. Current Price index Rocket League items better than gg.insider. What item do you want to buy and what do you need help for? It is very important for us to buy Rocket League items cheaply and be a much better supplier. The Rocket League has a bright future ahead and I want to be part of it. Soon a new article about most expensive Rocket League item and most expensive Rocket league items will be added. In the meantime, it's worth buying Rocket League items and taking a photo! This change will be visible today, thanks to it it will work much better and many more people will get what they were looking for.

If you are looking for words on the site such as Most Expensive Rocket League Item - in singles, but on Deitems you will find the entire price Index from Rocket League Items.
Therefore, if you look for the Most Expensive Rocket League item - there is one such item and it will probably be added to our website. We have current prices, recent updates have been added very recently. In my opinion, it's the best I can do for people as pious and kind as you. It is very nice to help me and share with the community how friendly we are, how we like integration and equality. We are full of love and Titanium White Zomba also knows about it.
This tab is Most Expensive Rocket League items and we are the best!
Our main motto is: BUY ROCKET LEAGUE ITEMS !!


Updated: 28th September