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Santa Fe
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Very Rare Wheels



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Fire God
Black Market Decal


Black Market Decal



Sundae Road Hog
Very Rare Decal



Windswept Imperator DT5
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Staredown Dominus GT
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Splashback Centio V17
Very Rare Decal



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Import Rocket Boost



IMPACT CRATE Added in May 2018 . It contains valuable Fire God Black Market Decal, Twinzer Body, Juiced Goal Explosion and Centro Exotic Wheels.



Top 3 most valuable items in Impact Crate

Fire God 36 Keys       Streamline 24 Keys           TW Centro 11 Keys




Impact Crate is a fairly new crate, it contains fresh and very desirable Black market Decals - the new follow-up Heatwave, that is Decal Fire God and Streamline. In this crate we will also find other Rocket League items. Rocket League players like the new Goal Explosion, item known by the name Juiced. In Impact Crate you can buy (buy impact crate) you can also find rare decals and two very rare wheels. the only Exotic Wheels we find in Impact Crate are Centro Exotic Wheels and Sante fe Exotic Wheels.
We've seen a lot of Rocket League Crates, but you have to admit that Impact crate is impressive and contains impressive cheap items.

Splashback rare Decal - Centio V17
Windswept rare Decal - Imperator DT5
Staredown Rare Decal - Dominus GT
Sundae rare Decal - Road Hog
Masato Very rare Wheels
Burnout Very Rare Player Banner
Migraine Very Rare Player Banner
Reaper Very Rare Wheels
Twinzer Import Body
Enchanter Import Rocket Boost
Cirrus Import Rocket Boost
Santa Fe Exotic Wheels
Centro Exotic Wheels
Atomizer Black Market Goal Explosion
Juiced Black Market Goal Explosion
Fire God Black Market Decal (Animated)
Streamline Black Market Decal (Animated)

Would not you like to buy such cheap Rocket League items as Fire God, Black market decals or Exotic Wheels? Now it is possible, only thanks to the system of trading in Rocket League you can buy Crates that you think is necessary and draw a Rocket League item or buy a specific Rocket League items and enlarge your collection of items.
I greet you warmly.

Impact Crate - until recently, the newest Crate from among all Rocket League Crates. It is very aesthetic, still popular (although Zephyr Crate is currently more popular) and containing very interesting Rocket League items. Just like Zephyr Crate, the same Impact Crate includes Fire God - one of the newest and currently the most popular and most expensive Rocket League item - Fire God Black Market Decal. This is popular items and buyers of Impact Crate buy it for just one reason - they want to get Fire God.
The current item prices are given along with what you can buy. Rocket League items? Maybe you choose happiness? Happiness? Oh yes! Please! :-)
To be honest, Impact Crate is a very successful Crate, it also includes Streamline Black Market Decals and Centro Wheels - my favorite Rocket League items.
What do you think about Twinzer? In my opinion, this body is medium, I like other items much more - not only in the Titanium White version. I also like Crimson and every Rocket League Crate, especially Zephyr Crate, Champions Crate 4, Champions Crate 3, Champions Crate 2, Nitro Crate, Overdrive Crate and Triumph Crate! In them, I can find my favorite items, which I can then sell