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Very rare Wheels



Vampire Bat
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Scary Pumpkin
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Widow's Web - Mantis
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Thanatos - Octane
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Stitches - Breakout
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Afterlife - Dominus
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Hallow crate was last added on Halloween in October 2017. It contains the very popular Cauldron am Grimalkin Wheels. This crate is known for Reaper and Vampire Bat Goal Expolosions. These are very desirable items 

Top 2 most valuable items in Haunted Hallow Crate

TW Revenant 4 Keys      Reaper 2 Keys 




Haunted Hallows Crate is an occasional Crate that was added on the occasion of Halloween. It is one of the few crates that can be bought for real money. It is interesting and contains as many as two very interesting and effective Goal Expolsion, it is a considerable overrepresentation. On this subpage you can see the Rocket League items gallery located in Haunted Hallows Crate. Maybe one day you will buy crates, or buy one or more Rocket League items.

What Rare decals contains Haunted Hallows Crate? Where can you buy Very Rare wheels. Where can I buy Very Rare rocket boost? Very Rare player banner. Buy. Import destination explosion. Import wheels price.

The curious Wheels are Girmalkin Wheels, but it is mainly thanks to Goal Explosion and this type of items that we value the Crate so much.
I think it is one of the funniest crates that Psyonix gave to players. It contains very funny items that you can of course buy.
Crate itself can also be bought.
The Vampire Bat Goal Expliosion is nice and there are three bats on it for sale.
Reaper, there is no high price, but very many players use it because it is nice.

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Haunted Hallow Crate is by far the most successful and still the best event Crate added by Psyonix (the rest is Beach Blast Crate, Spring Fever Crate, Secret Santa Crate). It was added in the Hallowen area and quickly gained player sympathy, and every Rocket League player wanted to buy Haunted Hallow Crate. All thanks to very effective items, more specifically about Goal Explosions. My favorite Goal Explosion from Haunted Hallow Crate was Reaper, so far it's active in my inventory. If I ever want to buy Rocket League items, then I will decide to buy it. Other items in Haunted Hallow Crate are Revenant and Reaper.
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