Exotic Wheels



Wildfire - Road Hog
Rare Decal




Very rare Wheels



Snakeskin - Road Hog
Very rare Decal



Roadkill - Octane

Rare Decal




Import Rocket Trail



Octane ZSR

Import Body



Mean Streak - Gizmo
Rare Decal



Maximon - X-Devil

Rare Decal



Kilowatt - Octane

Very rare Decal (animated)



Hi-Tech - Hotshot

Rare Decal




Black market Decal




Black Market Decal




Import Wheels



Distortion - Breakout

Very rare Decal




Black market Decal




Exotic Wheels



Added in December 2016 as part of the great Starbase ARC patch. Champions Crate 4 is one of the rarest crates. It contains the legendary Zomba and ARA-51 Rocket League Wheels.
Hexed, Heatwave, Biomas Black market Decals



Top 3 most valuable items in Champions Crate 4

TW Zomba 109 Keys      Heatwave 18 Keys         Biomass 6 Keys







Champions Crate 4 is one of the older and rarest Crates in the Rocket League. If you want to buy Rocket League Crates like Champions Crate 4, you have to pay more than for the other crates. Even the cheap Champions Crate 4 has a higher price than the other Champions Crates. First of all because of what is rare and what content we find inside. Champions Crate 4 is famous for the best Rocket League Wheels and uses ARA-51 which is a reference to AREA-51 from Psyonix.
Other very popular wheels are Zomba Wheels, maybe you want to buy White Zomba Wheels? They are available, I can sell you also Titanium White Zomba Wheels if you feel like it.
You must also pay attention to Black Market Decals that we find in Champion Crate 4 - Biomass Black market Decal, Heatwave is also a popular Black Market Decal and Hexed. This Items theme makes people very eager to reach the wallet and trust in Champions Crate 4.

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The content of Champions Crate 4 is also the Proton, Rocket Trail.

In the middle you will find as many as two Exotic wheels, their price is low and you can buy them. There is also an aesthetic Import wheel, but this is not the most important here.
What are the cheapest Very Rare wheels?
Champions Crate Octane ZSR Import body. Proton Rocket League item for sell
We can find there such gems as Import rocket boost
Champions Crate 4 also contains as many as 3 Black Market decals. No wonder it's the best Crate in the Rocket League.

If you are interested in buying Rocket League Wheels, I recommend Zomba Wheels. Which wheels in Rocket League have the highest price?
It is possible that Titanium White Zomba Wheels, but in Champions Crate 4 you will also find other Exotic Wheels, you can buy Ara-51 Exotic Wheels and other Exotic and Rarest Items. Do you want to know what are the worst items in Rocket League? Here's the answer.

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Champions Crate 4 is Retired - you can buy it on Odealo or other store - or from other Rocket League players.
Its price is higher than the other crates, due to the fact that there are no new Champions Crate 4, and their number is constantly decreasing.
For a very long time I was wondering how to get Champions Crate, I was looking for help in social media and Internet forums. It was only later that I learned how to get Champions Crate 4, you have to buy them from another player who has Champions Crate 4 in his inventory and would be happy to sell them. However, despite my sympathy and considering the price of Champions Crate 4 and Drop Rates - I think it is best to buy Rocket League items, it will come out a lot cheaper and we will be sure that we will get what we pay for. Transaction security is paramount, especially if you want to buy Rocket League items and Rocket League Crates.
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