Top 3 most valuable items in Champions Crate 2

Heatwave 18 Keys           Slipstream 12 Keys         TW Voltaic 11 Keys






Champions Crate 2 contains two interesting and already cult body for Rocket League, these are Road Hog XL and X-Devil Mk2. A pair of popular Exotic wheels, which have already become a symbol and a kind of icon of this game.
Champions Crate means quality, in Champions Crate 2 you will find many other items. It was one of the first Crates in the entire Rocket League. It was added simultaneously with Champions Crate 2. Maybe you would like to buy?

Items in Rocket League should be differentiated by category, if you want to know what import bodies look like - you want to see the price of import bodies.
However, when you are interested in the price
 Exotic Wheels that you can find in Champions Crate 2, you ask "where to buy Champions Crate?"
In some RL trade stores you can get information on popular ones
Rocket trails in RL, really importanr and huge rocket league items, I'll buy rocket league items for sure :-)
Even about an object like the Very Rare rocket trail
Another solid Crate Champions, it contains as many as 4 different Black Market decals.

Champions Crate 2 includes interesting Bodies like Road Hog XL and X-Devil Mk2. Very aesthetic, nice and legendary Lobo Wheels and Voltaic Wheels. They are very rare, so their price is quite high. Of course, if you are interested in buying, you can buy Lobo Wheels cheaply.
By default, you gave Champions Crate in Crate you will find as many as 4 Black market Decals such as Slipstream, Hypnotic Parallax, Warm Heatwave and Labyrinth Black Market Decal. I recommend good information.

You must respect the retired crate, to whom I owe most of my garage and so many Rocket League items, as I have never bought more in my entire life. The most sensible way out is to get to know the history of Champions Crate 2 and think deeply what different Champions Crate 2 from Champions Crate 3, Champions Crate 4 and Champions Crate 1 - Since all Champions Crate contain a certain pool of common items.
Sliptream, Heatwave - it's all currently known and popular Rocket League items - basically you can buy such Rocket League items in any store with Rocket League items. It depends on you, which path you choose and whether you will buy items and Titanium White Voltaic Wheels.
Good advice - buy Rocket League Items.
What about Labyrinth Decal? Is this one of the items that is worth buying if you want to meet the requirements of today's world. Very interesting wheels.

X-Devil Mk2
Import Body



Whizzle - Takumi

Rare Decal



Warlock - Merc
Very rare Decal



Exotic Wheels



Snakeskin - X-Devil
Very rare Decal



Black market Decal



Road Hog XL
Import Body



Very rare Rocket Trail



Pixel Fire
Import Rocket Trail



Black market Decal




Nine Lives - Venom
Rare Decal




Narwhal - Merc
Rare Decal



Exotic Wheels



Black market Decal



Black market Decal



Dragon Lord - Octane
Very rare Decal



Distortion - Octane
Very rare Decal



Carbonated - Road Hog
Rare Decal



Added in september 2016 at the same time as Champions Crate 1. It contains Heatwave, Parallax, Slipstream and Labyrinth Black Market Decals and popular Lobo and Voltaic Wheels.