Top 3 most valuable items in Champions Crate 1

Heatwave 18 Keys           TW Looper 12 Keys         Slipstream 12 Keys






Champions Crate 1 - Added at the same time as Champions Crate 1. One of the older Crates, contains unique Photon Wheels and a mass of interesting and valuable Rocket League items. The eyes are also throwing a body, or rather two, because there are two items Bodies. Takumi RX-T and Dominus GT, sometimes people buy it and there is a good feedback system. I think that people interested in items should take a look at it, because it's an interesting specimen.
By default, all Rocket League items and as usual with Champions Crate we will find here four Black Market Decals. Honestly and safely buy Rocket League items, I'm sure.

Discover as many as two Import bodies in your bought Crate, show off what you found!
You can sell Exotic wheels at a good price if it is cheap.
Shop with Items and Black Market decals is an important matter, so you should buy more items. Because item is an important matter.


Trinity Rocket Boost is an interesting concept and project, it's nice on my eye. Very rare? No, the imports of Bodies or Domins GT and Takum RX-T are very well designed and many players ride them. However, the best are Photon Wheels, as on the Rocket League item, really nice. Let's also remember about Looper, it's very important Wheels for Rocket League.
Buy Rocket League items.

Each story has its beginning, each Legend begins with something. The Legendardi Champions Crates series has just begun with Champions Crate 1.
This retired Crate has a deep base of items that currently only have veterani when in Rocket League. For generations, people have passed on secret recipes for getting Rocket League items like Heatwave - probably the most popular decal alongside Fire God and Dissolver.
Of course, like every Crate from the Champions Crates family - so Champions Crate 1 contains Titanium White Looper Wheels (exotic wheels) and many other smaller items - which are a great reason to buy Rocket League items.
If you want to know how the price situation in the world of RL is currently shaped, just log in to your Rocket League account using Steam, Xbox or PS4 and join the world of RL trade.
If I hear about the fact that someone sells rocket league items cheaply or sells cheap rocket league crates - I do not waste time - if they sell cheaply, I buy cheap! Then I exchange with other players, for example on Xbox the currency is Heatwave - for Heatwave you can buy other Rocket League items.
I hope people have good hearts and will be happy to think twice, and the second time they will decide to buy Rocket League items

Vice - Breakout
Rare Decal



Import Rocket Boost



Takumi RX-T
Import Body



Snakeskin - Dominus
Very rare Decal



Black Market Decal



Shibuya - Breakout
Rare Decal



Pollo Caliente - Dominus
Rare Decal



Exotic Wheels



Black Market Decal



Exotic Wheels



Black Market Decal



Black Market Decal



Dot Matrix - Dominus
Very rare Decal



Dominus GT
Import Body



Combo - Takumi
Rare Decal



Very rare Wheels



Arcana - Dominus
Rare Decal



Anubis - Takumi
Rare Decal

Added in september 2016 at the same time as Champions Crate 2. It contains Heatwave, Parallax, Slipstream and Labyrinth Black Market Decals and pretty Photon and Looper Wheels.