Cruxe Exotic Wheels



Sovereign A/T

Import Wheels



Quimby Very Rare Wheels



Beach Party
Exotic Goal Explosion



Very Rare Rocket Boost



Sun Ray
Import Rocket Boost



Circuit Board
Very Rare Player Banner



Proptosis Dominus
Rare Decal



Peacock Animus GP
Rare Decal



Nine Lives  Breakout
Rare Decal



Import Decal



Island King Octane
Rare Decal



Added in July 2018 . It contains valuable Cruxe Wheels and Beach Party Goal Explosion



Beach Blast Crate contains: 9 Lives Decal
Peacock Decal, Island King Decal, Proptosis Decal, Quimby Wheels, Sovereign A / T Wheels, Cruxe Exotic Wheels, Leviathan Decal, Circut Board Player Banner, Sun Ray Rocket boost, Torrent Rocket boost, Beach Party Exotic Goal Explosion.
Some of these Rocket League items are already known to us like Decals, however the new Bleach Blast Crate includes new Rocket League items such as Cruxe Exotic Wheels and Beach party Exotic Goal Explosion.
Beach Blast Crate includes Rocket League items such as Torrent Rocket Boost and three types of Wheels, Exotic Cruxe Wheels, Import Sovereign AT Wheels and Very Rare Quimby Wheels. Beach Blast Crate does not include Black Market Decals, but you can get and buy Rocket League Crates and Rocket League items.
You have to honestly say, Beach Blast Crate is one of the less popular Crates in Rocket League. Beach Blast Crate met the same fate as the remaining Event Crates (Haunted Hallow Crate, Spring Fever Crate and Secret Santa Crate). Rocket League items we can find at Beach Blast Crate are not fantastic, their price is low and they are easily accessible. You can now buy 2 Beach Blast Crates if you want to sell only one Rocket League key. It seems obvious that instead of Beach Blast Crate, it's better to choose a nice item from another crate and buy it. Buying Rocket League items is the missing link between humanity and clean energy. Do you want to buy Rocket League crates? In my opinion, this is a good idea, but I have a little advice - also buy Rocket League items.