Top 3 most valuable items in Accelerator Crate

 Hellfire 9 Keys      TW Chrono 8 Keys         Party Time 8 Keys







Accelerator Crate it's a Crate, which is famous for its many beautiful wheels and Black Market Goal Explosions. In fact, most item found in Accelerator Crate is nice and valuable. We will find here Rocket League items like Jager 619 RS, Power-Shot Rocket Boost. Buy Exotic Wheels Chrono, Clockwork, something fantastic.
Accelerator crate is very much appreciated by the Rocket League community.

Jager 619 RS Import body is in this crate. Thanks to such operations, the game is richer, and the greater variety makes it more fun.
There is also the Rocket League trade, I spend the evening myself, and I drink tea during breaks.
Tell me if I buy Rocket League items on this site? It is very important for me.
Is it worth to sell Import rocket boost?
What price is Import wheels?
Buy cheap Exotic wheels
Buy Black Market goal explosions
Okay, thank you, buying items like Goal Explosion is the best possible choice, best regards


Accelerator Crate includes Black Market Goal Explosions:

Fireworks Black Market Goal explosion look pretty.
Hellfire Black Market Goal explosion is well presented, very many players set it as their main Goal Explosion.
The Party Time Black Market Goal explosion is very effective, there are lots of colors, it's a real Rocket League item and it's good to have it. How to trade in Rocket League?

Popcorn Black Market Goal explosion is not that popular, but there are players who use this specific goal explosion.
This is very interesting from the point of view of the merchant.

Accelerator Crate reminds me of the times of small cars. Of course, the vehicles were of different sizes and qualities, some were transformers, the other was a steering wheel and wheels - but all the wheels were spinning.
I also remember vehicles equipped with Rocket League Items, probably Trails.
Thanks to them my vehicles release sparks from the wheels when they drive very fast. My mother bought me such vehicles, I received a special crate, and after opening the crate with a key, I could get my present. I only remember that the vehicles had a high acceleration, as the name accelerator crate indicates (you can buy an accelerator crate if you are interested).
This is a certain crate legend, one of the older and still available crates. Currently, its price is low, although it contains such valuable Rocket League items as Hellfire, Party Time and even rare Titanium White Chrono Wheels


Splatter - Dominus GT
Rare Decal

Snakeskin - Jäger 619 RS
Very rare Decal

Import Wheels

Power Shot
Import Rocket Boost

Black market Goal Explosion



Rare Paint finish



Party Time
Black Market Goal explosion




Very rare Trail



Jäger 619 RS
Import body



Hot Rocks

Very rare Trail



Black market Goal explosion



Gigapede - Centio V17

Rare decal



Very rare wheels




Black Market Goal explosion



Critters - Mantis

Rare Decal




Exotic Wheels




Exotic Wheels



Chainsaw - Breakout

Rare Decal



Added in September 2017. It contains Chrono wheels, Body Jäger 619, Decal Jäger 619 RS (Snakeskin) and also Hellfire, Partytime and Popcorn Goal Explosions.