In the About Us section you can find out many interesting information about our activity. Our goal is education in the Rocket League, we want players to be aware of the prices of items they trade in Rocket League. How often does a player get an expensive item like Draco or Titanium White Zomba and unaware of the price he sells cheaply. If such a Rocket League player visited DeItems, he could take a good look at each item. We are open to consultations and talks, if you are interested in cooperation, write to us. On the site you will find every Crate that was added by Psyonix to Rocket League. Crates content is fixed, however, what object the player can get is random. A lot of information about Items is a good knowledge that you should have and be able to use. We are happy to help with the instructions, especially during the RL trade. Buying and selling Rocket League Items

Rocket League

Items Compendium is a fan website created by hardcore Rocket League players. We have decided to build a complete compendium of all Rocket League Crates and Rocket League Items they contain. We will be also informing you about upcoming Updates, Events and more. With the data we provide you will be fully aware which Crates contain the most expensive Rocket League Items, including Painted Exotic Wheels, Import Bodies, Goal Explosions and much,much more! We hope to include Price Indexes in close future. This is just natural that we would make Price Lists for Rocket League items with so many experienced traders on board.