HAUNTED HALLOWS CRATE was founded by a group of Rocket League fans and players. Our goal was to fill the Internet niche that exists. We've created the DeItems (the Rocket League Items) page so that every Rocket League player can look at each Rocket League crate individually. The site is easy to use and very transparent. Choose your Rocket League crate and click on it. You will go to the subpage where the contents and each Rocket League items are described.

I also have a section on Rocket League news, where you can read interesting facts about events, tunnels, updates that have taken place in the Rocket League world.

We promise a current update with every newly added Crate and Item. Our site is entirely devoted to Rocket League Items. Crates and Rocket League Trading.
Come and join in the fun.

The DeItems website is useful for identifying Rocket League Items. Rocket League players very often want to buy specific crates to win specific items. The DeItems site will let you find out what crates are worth buying to pick items.

On our site you will find Rocket League Crates such as:
What items will I find in Player's Choice Crate? What is price of Turbo Crate? Where can I buy Rocket League items? Which Rocket League Crate is better? Nitro Crate o Overdrive Crate? Best Black Market decals in crates? How can I get Accelerator Crate? How rare is Velocity Crate? How can I win Victory Crate? What is the price of Triumph Crate? Will Haunted Hallows Crate be added again? Where Secret Santa Crates? Items in Spring Fever Crate? Which Champions crate is rarest? Champion Crate 1 items (Champion Crate 1), Champion Crate 2 items (Champions Crate 2), How can I get Champion Crate 3? (Champions Crate 3), Price for Champion Crate 4? (Champions Crate 4)

In every crate you will find decals, rare decals, import decals and black market decals. Black Maket Decals are some of the most valuable items in the game. Crates also includes Wheels, Rare Wheels, Very Rare Wheels, Import Wheels and Exotic Wheels.
Exotic Wheels such as Draco, White Zomba, Infinium, Equalizer and other Exotic Wheels are the most desirable items in the game. Buy Rocket League crates. 
Among the Rocket League items, we also find Goal Explosions, Trails, Boost, Bodies.
So let's buy Rocket League items to get all of these items Exotic Wheels and Black Market Decals.

If you're looking for information on where to buy rocket league items, you've come to the right place. We are specialists in the field of trade in Rocket League and we are happy to share this knowledge with you. Buying Rocket League items is really very simple, each item has its price (prices can be checked on our website). Prices fluctuate and once they are higher, and once lower - but they always oscillate within the limits indicated in the price list. You can read about Most Expensive Rocket League Items and read the reliable Rocket League News.
We believe that our passion should serve not only us, but also future generations. Therefore, if you are looking for information or want to buy items, we are always happy to advise you on where the best Rocket League Trading is.
Feel free to contact us, we want to develop the Rocket League community - especially the faction dealing with the buying of Rocket League Crates and Rocket League Items. Remember: Buy Rocket League Items!
 f we can educate someone, and certainly we can have a role - it is our duty to provide proven and trusted information. That's why on our deitems page you can find current item prices and crates content along with photos. We try to improve our website all the time, so that our guests would come back to us more often and spend as much time as possible with us - we are grateful for the support we receive, both through your intentions and from social networking sites. The idea for deitems appeared after looking at a lot of fanpage about trading in Rocket League such as
Rocket League Trading
Rocket League Xbox Trading
Rocket League PS4 Only Trading and dozens of other fanpage about trading.
You can use them to exchange crates and items in Rocket League, or simply buy them. During my experience with sellers and buyers, I learned how to check and how to be sure about the good intentions of our trader. We will soon recommend you the best Rocket League shop where you will be able to buy Rocket League items, Crates and Keys cheaply.
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Thanks to the knowledge shared by the RL community, there is a possibility to check what the chance of drawing a crate is, and thanks to the statistics published by Psyonix, we know what the chance is for the item to be drawn. There is a 1% interest in drawing a Black Market Decal. That's why so many players choose a shortcut and instead of buying keys, opening crates and randomly picking a random item - prefer to go to the store and buy the Rocket League item they dreamed about.
The community supports ourselves by giving advice, sharing information on the current price of items and graphics and animations that help people watch Rocket League items and buy Rocket League Crates. When you visit our site one day, you will see the changes we have prepared for you. The Deitems website will change, soon a new crate will be added along with a description, and in the crate the newest Rocket League Items - Of course you will have the sacred right to buy each of these items. So let's remember our motto: Buy Rocket League items! Graphics in Rocket League are very important and every self-respecting Rocket League player should think about it one day to benefit from the prosperity and fruits of their work and trade in the Rocket League. What do you want to buy? Rocket League Items? and what will you do with them when you need keys or decrypters to open crate and get rocket League items. I really respect and you have to look where you go and how long it will take you to cross this area, then you will only be able to think about what you are doing further when the rains and blots are big. I love Rocket League and I love Deitems.
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We add new Elevation Crate and all new Rocket League items.

Yours faithfully
Deitems team.